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      Hot and cold water faucet classification (open flat stainless steel faucet)

      2018-08-30 648
      Basin faucet
      It is a must-have for washing. It is installed on the wash basin and is used for mixing hot and cold water. The shape of the basin faucet can be changed. In addition to washing the face accident, it can also be used for washing. The general basin faucet should choose a slightly higher faucet, which can leave room for washing.
      Sink faucet
      The sink faucet is undoubtedly a good helper for the kitchen, and the kitchen water is generally relied upon to achieve it. Mainly used for washing vegetables and washing dishes, the sink faucet requires it to reach a certain height to facilitate washing or washing dishes.
      Shower faucets are used in conjunction with showers or bathtubs. These faucets are more demanding and are generally used for control bodies and showers, requiring materials and performance to be superior to other faucets.
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